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Sorgen Medical is a seller of CPAP machines and accessories.  Gabby the owner needed help in re-branding her site and moving over to a functional theme.


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Strategy & approach

Originally Gabby asked me to rebrand her site with her new logo and colours.  Once I saw the custom coding of this site I nearly had a heart attack.  It had been built using the default WordPress theme with an immense library of custom coding on top.  To change one simple issue on the site would take hours of painstaking work.  There was a lot of cursing involved in simple changes.

Gabby eventually decided to upgrade her site to a new theme.  I gingerly undertook the task and we ended up with a functional, clean, more stable and secure website.  No more searching through lines of custom CSS and php scripts to work out errors and debug!  The website just worked.  Result!

Sorgen Medical recently shut its doors and is no longer operating, but the website will remain one of my favourite success stories in whipping a website into shape.  Gabby has moved on to pursue another business and I wish her every success!

Tools & methods used