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Gabby needed a website refresh to reflect her updated offerings as a life and career coach.  Midway through the update we realised the branding was inconsistent with Gabby’s new offerings, so we incorporated a brand refresh – including new fonts, a fresh colour palette and a new logo.

Strategy & approach

As I was working with the new text, I felt that the old branding was not aligned with Gabby’s new offerings. I was inspired after listening to Gabby discuss her new offerings – Life & Career Coaching with Galactic Astrology and Quantum Soul Guidance.  Fascinating!  Gabby had all of her content ready to go, so it was easy to load into her site and adjust to reflect her new offerings.  

We also took the opportunity to design a new logo, updated palette, fonts, and designed business cards & flyers.  All a solid base for Gabby as she powers into the future!

Tools & methods used​

Zodiana Coaching Gabby Lambkin Owner Photo
“Thanks to my amazing team contractor, Tracy, for her remarkable impact on our website redesign project as we move into the age of Aquarius. Her expertise in design and user experience has beautifully transformed our online presence to reflect the energy of this new era. Tracy’s vision has resulted in a visually stunning website that aligns with our brand identity and captures the essence of the business. Her attention to detail, collaboration skills, and customer support have led to positive feedback and increased engagement. I am truly grateful for Tracy’s exceptional work, as it sets a new benchmark for my business as we embrace the opportunities of this transformative phase of 2023. Please take a look around the site, if you haven’t already done so”. 

Gabby Lambkin

Business Owner

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