Portfolio - Zodiana Coaching Landing Page

Zodiana Coaching Website Screenshot
Gabby needed an easy single-page site to showcase a book launch.  We worked on her logo and branding with colours based on her birth chart placements for her sun, rising and moon signs – very unique and cool.

Her new business will be launching in its entirety soon and we are busy working on the full site.

Strategy & approach

A single-page site is a quick and easy project to design. With content and images ready to go, we got this up ready for the book launch date.This page serves as an attention grabber when people are referred to Gabby’s site.  They can see her new business is coming, purchase a copy of the book and learn a little bit about her.  Perfect bite size morsels to peak your appetite for Gabby’s new coaching business.  This is a woman to watch!

Tools & methods used